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It’s All In The Doing

There are many superstitions that make me smile. Let’s take the triple drain, if you walk over it, it’s bad luck. Is it not just a large manhole? Or the black cat crossing in front of you, I’d question isn’t it just a cat on it’s way somewhere.

However, over the years I’ve had my beliefs in some (that are totally mental). The other day on my way to work, I passed a royal mail depot and I did something that I haven’t done in years, like 30 years. I crossed my fingers (as in for good luck) and then broke the cross using my other hand; yes you read right, Royal Mail vans. Just for the record, I was not alone doing this 30 years ago, however I was last week.

This instantly bought me back to the age of 9 or 10 when I use to dance and compete. One day driving to a competition along the motorway with my parents, we pass a royal mail depot, oh my god I couldn’t believe my “luck” there were small Royal Mail vans, transit Royal Mail vans, Royal Mail trucks, I was in finger uncrossing heaven. Clearly I was going to do really well at that competition and guess what, I did. I remember so clearly I won 8 medals and 2 trophies. Obviously it was because I passed a Royal Mail depot that morning. Nothing to do with the fact that I had two classes a week and practiced most other nights at home.  The point being, a bit of luck is always nice, however it’s the doing that’s the point of difference and what makes things happen.

What are you doing each day towards your goal or goals? If you haven’t done something for a while, after reading this I encourage you to write down 2 things you’re going to do this week towards it, put them into your diary with a time and do it. Trust me, you’ll feel great about it and you’ll be 2 steps closer to allowing your end goal.

Well done in advance



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Are you Good At What You Do?

If I asked you “Are you good at your job?” What would you say?

Last week I popped into a garage to get a price on repainting part of our car, not that I drive out of car parks too quick whilst really close to concrete posts or anything.

I’d been recommended this body repair guy, so I popped in, he took a look at the car, priced it up for me and walked back to the workshop to put the job in the diary. As I walked behind him, I asked “so are you good?” he half turned his head not looking me in the eye and looking a bit awkward. He didn’t answer for a while and then muttered more to himself than me “I hope so”.

Now I could tell he was good, firstly a very reputable company had recommended him and secondly I knew the minute I walked into his workshop. His polite yet confident response to me shouting, “Hi, are you Ollie?” above the noisy machine. His workshop was spotless; the car he was working on was wrapped impeccably, the way he talked me through what needed to be done without patronizing me was brilliant and his staff were just as friendly and as professional as he was, the kind of person you’re happy to pay. I left knowing our car was going to be in great hands, it felt good. I picked up the car Saturday; he did an amazing job, like you wouldn’t believe.

So remember, when you are good at your job it’s more than ok to confidently admit you are. It gives people confidence in you, so have confidence in yourself.  And above all it will empower you.


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Life/Work balance or lack of?

Your current situation

So over the years you’ve gained more responsibility at work or maybe you’ve even started your own company (congratulations).  If so does the following sound familiar, work, work, work, a bit more work and then a few more hours work.  Weekend, knackered, mind still in the office, might as well check a few work emails before Monday just so I’m on top of it.

Oh look it’s Monday already and I’m back in the office and I didn’t do anything for myself any evening last week or all weekend because I was too tired from working.  Anyway I can’t think about that as I’ve got a meeting to run to.  And the cycle continues.

Just writing that paragraph, freaked me out.

Ready for the good news?

You can have that full on job or run your own company, and have quality you time.  If at this point your thinking yeah whatever, she hasn’t got a clue how busy I am you’re totally right; I have no idea how busy you are.  What I do know is no matter how busy you are you can still have quality you time.

How do I do it?

The key to life/work balance is all about commitment & holding yourself accountable.

What do I mean by that.  Well you have to commit 100% to making this change, remember it’s a change for the better. I don’t want to hear the words “I’ll try”.  Never try it only sets you up for failure.  You either do it or you don’t.  Commit to it. Yes, I want more productive me time and I will make it happen, then it is clear in your mind, you can move on to the next step.

The next step is planning what you will do and when you will do it.  It doesn’t have to be something huge, start small and be realistic.  Maybe the gym twice a week or seeing an old friend after work, taking your other half out for dinner instead of slumping in front of the TV.  Once you have decided on your plan, be specific with the day and time you will do it.

Hold yourself accountable, tell someone that cares about you your plans, because they are the ones that will take it seriously.  The people that care about you want to see you living a happy balanced life rather than the one you may have now where you work yourself to exhaustion and are five weeks overdue for a haircut because “you haven’t got time”.  That way, they will keep you in check, when you do your activity you can share the experience with them or if you don’t do it you have to tell them why you didn’t.  I’m thinking there will be none of the latter.

Nobody is going to do this for you, can you visualise your boss saying “it’s six o’clock, go home you’ve been working really hard, for the last five years”.  Take control of your own life, now.

If you care that much about your job, then give yourself a break. You will be more focused and you will deliver better results.  As well as delivering better results you will have a happier more fulfilling, balanced life outside of work too.  It’s a win-win.

So what is the first move you are going to make to have a balanced week, what are you going to do for you this week?

The first person to email, me with their new Life/Work balance plan for this week, will receive a one-hour complimentary coaching session. jane@janedringcoachingcreatives.com

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