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Are you Good At What You Do?

If I asked you “Are you good at your job?” What would you say?

Last week I popped into a garage to get a price on repainting part of our car, not that I drive out of car parks too quick whilst really close to concrete posts or anything.

I’d been recommended this body repair guy, so I popped in, he took a look at the car, priced it up for me and walked back to the workshop to put the job in the diary. As I walked behind him, I asked “so are you good?” he half turned his head not looking me in the eye and looking a bit awkward. He didn’t answer for a while and then muttered more to himself than me “I hope so”.

Now I could tell he was good, firstly a very reputable company had recommended him and secondly I knew the minute I walked into his workshop. His polite yet confident response to me shouting, “Hi, are you Ollie?” above the noisy machine. His workshop was spotless; the car he was working on was wrapped impeccably, the way he talked me through what needed to be done without patronizing me was brilliant and his staff were just as friendly and as professional as he was, the kind of person you’re happy to pay. I left knowing our car was going to be in great hands, it felt good. I picked up the car Saturday; he did an amazing job, like you wouldn’t believe.

So remember, when you are good at your job it’s more than ok to confidently admit you are. It gives people confidence in you, so have confidence in yourself.  And above all it will empower you.



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