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Give yourself the gift of doing nothing

Last Saturday I woke up and thought of the jobs that needed doing and in the same thought I decided I wasn’t going to do them that day. I was having a day off and I was going to have a lovely day with my hubby and our beautiful daughter. So that’s exactly what we did and you know what, it was amazing.

The hoover police didn’t come around, the shops didn’t run out of food and my practice didn’t collapse. However what did happen was we had a day that I’m still smiling about a week later.

Enjoy your weekend and do something for you, f*&% doing ‘The Stuff’ that ‘needs’ doing for one day.




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Three days in, how is your Life/Work Balance this week?

Thank you Jack Bishop for the drawing, check him out http://bloodybishop.blogspot.com/

It’s only wednesday, you can still plan quality you time tonight, tomorrow and friday.  Go on, you know you want to!

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