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Do YOUR labels define you?

I’m not talking about whether it’s Topshop or Balmain I’m talking about the labels you give yourself, I’m a procrastinator, I’m unorganized, I’m not confident.

Ask yourself this, are you’re self labels allowing you to get away with things?  So “I haven’t done that job on my to do list” and although it doesn’t feel great, but you know what “I’m a procrastinator” so that’s why I didn’t get it done.  Stop letting yourself of the hook, you’re doing yourself no favours and you will continue in the same cycle.

If you are going to label yourself, start now today by saying the opposite, so for example replace procrastinator with “I am proactive” say it over and over again, and keep telling yourself that. Repetition is key even if you feel resistance push through it, you will soon feel the change internally; it will shift your perspective to a proactive approach.

Self-talk is powerful beyond belief; feed yourself something positive, that will nurture you and move your forward not let you off the hook.

Have a great day



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What If It’s Amazing

Whether it’s starting something new, maybe your dream project, a career change, a new relationship or if it comes to saying goodbye to something or someone that isn’t working for us anymore, a lot of the time the ‘What Ifs’ sneak in.

Now, I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you that ‘What Ifs’ can be an absolute pain in the arse, they waste precious time that we cannot recuperate and they delay great results and experiences from happening.

You yourself know when something needs to change, and you know in the long run that change will make you happier.  Yet no matter how happy you know making that change will make you, the ‘What Ifs’ can still sneak in.

What if it doesn’t work out, what if I am meant to be with them, what if my project wont be successful, what if, what if, what if.  Oh look, it’s a year down the line and I’m miserable because I’m still in the same situation and haven’t gone after what I really want or changed what isn’t working for me.

Now what would happen if you turned that ‘What If’ into a ‘What If It’s Amazing’ and you keep on saying that. ‘What If It’s Amazing’, ‘What If It’s Amazing’, ‘What If It’s Amazing’, then ‘It’s going to be Amazing’, It’s going to be Amazing.  Get that positive energy flowing and commit to making it happen.

You know deep down that it’s the right decision, it’s just that F.E.A.R comes in to play, remember what F.E.A.R stands for, False Expectations Appearing Real.  Meaning, we’re worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet and something that probably won’t happen either.

The other day I was speaking to one of my best friends who in the past has battled with ‘What Ifs’  and she said this to me “I remind myself that this is just my own imagination, so why not imagine the best if I am choosing to imagine at all”.  I love this!

So the next time you have a doubt ask yourself ‘What If It’s Amazing?’


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