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What Have You Done For You Lately?

Have you ever been so focused on helping someone else or so focused on work that you’ve lost yourself and not even realised, I’m going to go as far as saying maybe you’ve even put your life on hold. Then one day that person is where they’ve been working towards or the next project at work comes along and suddenly, BANG the self-realisation of ‘what the hell have I been doing for me’ kicks in and the answer is, nothing, I’ve done nothing for myself. Spending your energy on someone or on work, it’s an easy thing to do.

It’s easy to fall into bad sleep patterns, eat unhealthy, remove yourself from any form of exercise, it’s almost self sabotage, ‘it’s not about me it’s about them or it’s about work, ‘must do a great job’.  Well actually if you continue you that way, you won’t be any good to yourself, them or work.

So it’s time to put yourself first, you may ask yourself ‘is this ok”, ‘can I do this’, they’re completely natural questions and the answer to both of them is ‘yes it is ok’ and ‘yes you can do it’.

So in the words of Janet Jackson, ask yourself ‘What have you done for me lately?” and if the answer is not much, allow yourself a fresh start by giving yourself some new found self-love and self-respect, believe me, you deserve it.


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Give yourself the gift of doing nothing

Last Saturday I woke up and thought of the jobs that needed doing and in the same thought I decided I wasn’t going to do them that day. I was having a day off and I was going to have a lovely day with my hubby and our beautiful daughter. So that’s exactly what we did and you know what, it was amazing.

The hoover police didn’t come around, the shops didn’t run out of food and my practice didn’t collapse. However what did happen was we had a day that I’m still smiling about a week later.

Enjoy your weekend and do something for you, f*&% doing ‘The Stuff’ that ‘needs’ doing for one day.



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