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Are you Good At What You Do?

If I asked you “Are you good at your job?” What would you say?

Last week I popped into a garage to get a price on repainting part of our car, not that I drive out of car parks too quick whilst really close to concrete posts or anything.

I’d been recommended this body repair guy, so I popped in, he took a look at the car, priced it up for me and walked back to the workshop to put the job in the diary. As I walked behind him, I asked “so are you good?” he half turned his head not looking me in the eye and looking a bit awkward. He didn’t answer for a while and then muttered more to himself than me “I hope so”.

Now I could tell he was good, firstly a very reputable company had recommended him and secondly I knew the minute I walked into his workshop. His polite yet confident response to me shouting, “Hi, are you Ollie?” above the noisy machine. His workshop was spotless; the car he was working on was wrapped impeccably, the way he talked me through what needed to be done without patronizing me was brilliant and his staff were just as friendly and as professional as he was, the kind of person you’re happy to pay. I left knowing our car was going to be in great hands, it felt good. I picked up the car Saturday; he did an amazing job, like you wouldn’t believe.

So remember, when you are good at your job it’s more than ok to confidently admit you are. It gives people confidence in you, so have confidence in yourself.  And above all it will empower you.



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Spring Clean Your To Do List

If you’ve had something on your To Do List for one week or more, DELETE IT off your list, go on do it.  You will feel a lot better about it not being there every morning when you look at it and it will save you the time of shifting it to the next day, then the next day, then the next day in your diary whilst also feeling rubbish that you still haven’t done it.

I mean, if it is that important to you, you would have done it already right?

So if this little note has made you think s^*$ I really do need to do that, think about why it is you’re putting it off.  Then break the task down into small achievable goals with a date and a time to complete them, starting with the biggest and most challenging first.

If you need help, ask the right person, if you need more time, get up early tomorrow.  Whatever works for you than commit to it and do it.

And just keep remembering how good you’re gonna feel when you’ve done it and it’s off your To Do List for good.

Happy spring cleaning!

J x

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Commit and Make It Happen

You know those daydreams that you have where you’re doing what you really want to do; your mind just runs free.

Those perfect fitting jeans that you designed are in all the best accounts, or you’ve finally opened that teahouse on the coast selling those cakes you’ve been practice baking for ages, maybe you’re doing that shoot you’ve always wanted to do or you see your graphics trotting down the catwalk at London fashion week or your window installation in Liberty’s is beaming proudly as thousands of people walk past everyday.  You know those ones right.

Remember those daydreams again, remember the feeling you have, you’re so in the moment you can feel it, you’re actually doing it.  That feeling is just ace isn’t it.   And that daydream comes and goes, might be a while since you’ve had it or maybe you see it each day, bigger and brighter than ever.

Well I’ve got some brilliant news for you, now you’ve visualised what you want, you’ve already created it, so deep down you know it’s possible and even more important deep down you know you are more than capable.  So, what’s holding you back.

I’m going to do what the *English supposedly don’t do, I’m going to talk about myself in a positive manner, gasp I know, it’s shocking isn’t it.  Me, me, me, erm did I tell you about me!?

For the past eight months I’ve been doing a lot of voluntary work, coaching people whom are unemployed.  We’ve been working on building their confidence, goal setting and working towards gaining employment.  The reason I’ve been doing this is because I believe in it 150%, I love it and there is a massive need for this support to local communities.  From this voluntary work my new business partner Andy Bater and I have set up a CIC (Community Interest Company, a not for profit organisation)

We set this up with a lot of love, belief and enthusiasm for what we are doing, oh and £35 to register it.  We are meeting amazing people and building new relationships weekly, it’s been an organic growth and it is growing stronger day by day.

My point is, if you believe in what you want to do, commit to it, move towards it one step at a time and you will make it happen.

Take the first step, feed your passion and the rest will follow

Big love


*My parents are Irish so I can get away with it.

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Give yourself some credit

When was the last time you congratulated yourself on how far you’ve come in your career?

Think back to where you were in your career five years ago, and now look where you are.  Look at the experience you have gained, think about how much you have grown.  Think about the things that you’ve accomplished that five years ago you would have nervously laughed at the thought of even attempting to do.  It’s amazing.

Give yourself a brake from self-criticism and take time out to admire how good you are and how far you have come.

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WHY are you doing what you do?

WHY did you start your own company, take that job, go freelance.  Think back to WHY you made that move.  What was your WHY?

Was it because it was a great challenge, maybe you always wanted your own company, it would give you independence, you could show the world who you are creatively.

So now you’ve set up your own company, gone freelance or took that great job and it’s one, two maybe three years in and you’re well, a bit over it.  Yes I did just say that.

The original pride and rush of excitement when explaining to your team how important it is to be so meticulous and why that precision had to be so, has now turned into a “FFS I can’t believe they still don’t get it right”.

How your drive and determination of change when you first arrived at that company has now changed into “fine, put that s&^* graphic on that Tee”.

Seriously, are you excited anymore, are you driven (if so, brilliant keep it up).  Do you still bounce out of bed or is it a case of It’s my company I’ve got to get up or I’ve got a good salary, I best nod in agreement.  Or maybe its how Simon Sinek puts it, “its no longer a passionate pursuit, it’s just a business”

If so the question I have for you is, what are you going to do about it?

Have a think back to WHY you did it in the first place.  WHY did you start your company, WHY did you take that job, WHY did you go freelance.

What was your WHY?

Have a great weekend

Jane x

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What will you do for you in 2012?

What did you have on your personal to do list in 2011 that was going to make you happier, more balanced, that bit more relaxed.  Do you remember?

Now, if you’re doing it, brilliant, keep it up.  If you didn’t get round to doing it, what were the reasons.

Were you too busy running after business, too busy doing that other project that just had to be done (when realistically someone else could have done it), too busy running the family home after work.  Generally too busy giving to everybody & everything else, aside from you?

Whatever the reason, the year is nearly done so we can’t change that, however what we can do is focus on 2012.  So let’s do just that.

Firstly, are you committed to making a change, if yes read on, if no still read on!

What are you going to do to give yourself a more balanced life, make yourself happier, ensure you have more you time in 2012.

Will you delegate to your team, leave work on time or focus on getting into shape, what’s your goal?

The brilliant news is, you just need to make one change and it will have a positive effect on other areas of your life.

Let’s take the examples I just mentioned, when you do delegate, you can leave work on time, which makes time for exercise.  Simple!

Write down what you want to achieve.  Go on.

Now, what do you need to do to ensure you can set about achieving your goals successfully.  For e.g. do you need to plan what to delegate the day before or even better (if it works for you) plan the whole week ahead, the delegation plan!

Whatever is going to make it easier for you to achieve your you time, write it down.  Now.

We need to be realistic about your goals, things will come up from time to time, that’s life, life does not run in a straight line. So, what are the possible obstacles or distractions that may arise.  Write them down and next to them write how you will overcome them.  For e.g. make sure you leave work an hour early the next day.

Now make a note in your diary when you will take your first action.  Tell somebody who will hold you accountable, that way they can keep an eye on you and ensure your doing what you set out to do.  If you want to mail me your start date, I’m more than happy to check that your keeping on track.

Congrats, you’re on your way to making more you time and having a healthier Work/Life balance!

If you have any questions on the above, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you

Thanks for reading


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Are you enduring your life or making it happen?

“You are not committed to a single course you can change course, you can create and recreate your life” (Sir Ken Robinson)

Thanks for taking your time


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