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New Year, let’s be realistic.

It’s the New Year so lets put loads of pressure on ourselves to commit to some New Year resolutions.  Erm, what about no.

It’s a bit mad really isn’t it, nice relaxing Christmas and then Bam, loads of pressure.  New year means new company, new job, new body, new house, new me.

I believe in starting as you mean to go on, so whatever it is you want to achieve be realistic.

It’s like eating a Terrys chocolate orange, you’re not going to shove it all in your mouth at once.  If you did, you’d probably choke, be sick and never touch another.  So instead you look at it, bang it in to segments and eat them one at a time.

When you’ve had enough, you wrap it up and put it away until the next day.  Then you go back and have another piece, before you know it, it’s all done.  Goal accomplished, the difference is, you broke it down, digested it and enjoyed it.

If you have a goal you want to achieve, set realistic daily and weekly tasks towards it.  By doing so it makes your overall goal more manageable, enjoyable and realistic to achieve.

You’ll be on to your next goal before you know it.

Here’s to your best year yet

Jane x


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