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Commit and Make It Happen

You know those daydreams that you have where you’re doing what you really want to do; your mind just runs free.

Those perfect fitting jeans that you designed are in all the best accounts, or you’ve finally opened that teahouse on the coast selling those cakes you’ve been practice baking for ages, maybe you’re doing that shoot you’ve always wanted to do or you see your graphics trotting down the catwalk at London fashion week or your window installation in Liberty’s is beaming proudly as thousands of people walk past everyday.  You know those ones right.

Remember those daydreams again, remember the feeling you have, you’re so in the moment you can feel it, you’re actually doing it.  That feeling is just ace isn’t it.   And that daydream comes and goes, might be a while since you’ve had it or maybe you see it each day, bigger and brighter than ever.

Well I’ve got some brilliant news for you, now you’ve visualised what you want, you’ve already created it, so deep down you know it’s possible and even more important deep down you know you are more than capable.  So, what’s holding you back.

I’m going to do what the *English supposedly don’t do, I’m going to talk about myself in a positive manner, gasp I know, it’s shocking isn’t it.  Me, me, me, erm did I tell you about me!?

For the past eight months I’ve been doing a lot of voluntary work, coaching people whom are unemployed.  We’ve been working on building their confidence, goal setting and working towards gaining employment.  The reason I’ve been doing this is because I believe in it 150%, I love it and there is a massive need for this support to local communities.  From this voluntary work my new business partner Andy Bater and I have set up a CIC (Community Interest Company, a not for profit organisation)

We set this up with a lot of love, belief and enthusiasm for what we are doing, oh and £35 to register it.  We are meeting amazing people and building new relationships weekly, it’s been an organic growth and it is growing stronger day by day.

My point is, if you believe in what you want to do, commit to it, move towards it one step at a time and you will make it happen.

Take the first step, feed your passion and the rest will follow

Big love


*My parents are Irish so I can get away with it.


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The 3 A’s of Awesome

I like this so I wanted to share it with you, it made me smile.  Neil Pasricha, what a nice bloke!

The 3 A’s of Awesome




Do you swirl and twirl in gloom and doom or grieve and then face the future with newly sober eyes?

You always have a choice.

Thanks for watching



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Making a difference

I wanted to update you on what I’m doing alongside my Coaching Creatives.  For those who do not follow me on Facebook yet you’re seriously missing out on my random yelps of excitement, you can like my page here

Each week I coach at See Job Club. See Job Club is all about working with the local community to get people who want to find work and are currently unemployed back into employment.

The key areas we focus on are confidence building and increasing self esteem (which with many people is pretty low), C.V. work, interview techniques and general job searching.

We do this voluntary there is no charge. We now have 3 locations, 55 members and it’s growing each week. In the last weeks and a direct result of See Job Club we’ve seen 6 members land jobs. It’s only the start…Watch this space we’ve got big plans!

So there you have it!

Have a super weekend and remember to do something for you.
J x

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