Behind Closed Doors

If you have a dog, many fellow dog owners will smile as you walk past and more often than not, if they’re having a sniff (the dogs) the owners will chat. If you have a baby and you’re out and about, often a fellow buggy pusher will smile as if to say I’m also a parent, it’s a common ground, you know what the other might be experiencing. The other one is Christmas day, if you’re out walking Christmas day many passers by will say good morning, not on the 19th December or the 28th, on Christmas day.

So if some of us have these tangible things in common, what’s not to say we all have so much more in common. You never know who is going through the same thing as you, working though it, having some good days, some ok days, some utter crap days and some days of I don’t even want to get out of bed. Or maybe they’re having a, I’ve bloody done it day, I’ve reached what I’ve been aiming for and I rock, that kind of day. Maybe by treating people you pass in the street as if it’s 25th December, or they’ve got something that you also have, that you appreciate, you might just make someone feel a bit better. A simple smile will do. And if they don’t smile back, do it to the next person, and the next person, because when you do get that smile back, it’s a really nice feeling and it doesn’t cost a thing.

*If the 25th December doesn’t do it for you, please insert one that does.



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